What would you do with red?

2 Pages: What would you do with red? | andthenshe.co.uk

Over the last couple of years, I’ve noticed my time spent on side projects has slowly decreased. To the point where I can’t even remember the last time I worked on something personal, apart from sporadically writing for this blog. Trying to carve out time in a busy schedule for personal projects takes a lot of effort and self-discipline. But when a friend asked me to take part in a curious sketchbook project called 2 Pages, I said YES PLZ.

2 Pages is a collection of sketchbooks that are passed between graphic designers and illustrators, who then respond to the theme of the book, over – you guessed it – 2 pages. When I got hold of mine, the theme was simply, “What would you do with red?”.

What I really miss about working on side projects is the chance to keep my brain sharp, with short, quickfire ideas. Or even simply getting away from my computer. So I had an absolute blast working on this, and it gave me a stern reminder that side projects are just as important as commercial ones that pay the bills.

If you’re interested in seeing the other responses, the sketchbook is now complete. Check it out here.

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