Sager + Wilde Restaurant, Bethnal Green

Sager + Wilde |
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Sager + Wilde Restaurant is one of the latest ventures from Charlotte and Michael Wilde—owners of the wine bar Sager + Wilde in Hackney. Having first opened as a bar called Mission, they’ve relaunched the site as a fully fledged restaurant with Seb Myers as head chef. They now offer a four course set menu, along with a la carte options.

The space is lovely. A high arch ceiling, exposed brick walls and lot’s of dark rustic wood. There’s low lighting and plenty of candles, making it feel cosy.

The food

We went for the four course set menu for £38 person and a wine pairing at £36 each for five glasses.

Sager + Wilde Restaurant | Kimberley Chan |

Tokyo turnip pickle
Sager + Wilde Restaurant | Kimberley Chan |

Chicken liver, black sesame and apple

We started with a glass of champagne to go with a few snacks: a Tokyo turnip pickle; and chicken liver parfait between black sesame and apple crisps. The flavour of the parfait was delicious but I thought the crisps were a bit soft, like stale crackers.

Sager + Wilde Restaurant | Kimberley Chan |

Bread and butter
Sager + Wilde Restaurant | Kimberley Chan |

Jerusalem artichokes and caramelised yoghurt

Some barley porridge bread, followed by a plate of Jerusalem artichokes with caramelised yoghurt. I wasn’t too keen on the yoghurt but that’s because I’m not a big caramel fan.

Sager + Wilde Restaurant | Kimberley Chan |

Steamed cod, pistachio and wild garlic
Sager + Wilde Restaurant | Kimberley Chan |

Aged beef rump, onions and mushrooms

The steamed cod, pistachio and wild garlic was fantastic. Simple and perfectly cooked with great flavours. The beef rump was also cooked just right, tender and still pink middle.

Sager + Wilde Restaurant | Kimberley Chan |

Cheese and biscuits
Sager + Wilde Restaurant | Kimberley Chan |

Pumpkin, black sesame and bergamot

A £5 supplement course of St Cera cheese and oat crackers came just as our glass of red wine was generously topped up. Our last course of pumpkin ice cream, black sesame and bergamot tasted light and refreshing, with a good crunch from the black sesame.

I had a good evening at Sager + Wilde Restaurant—the staff were friendly and I liked the cosy, candlelit ambience. Their four course set menu is considerably cheaper than neighbouring restaurants at £38 per person, but I didn’t like the food enough for it to be good value. In future I’d skip the set menu and come back for an a la carte lunch instead.

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