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During our two day tour, Diddi took us on a little detour in the mini bus to visit a small glacier. Driving off road through snow covered hills and a 5 minute hike later, we were on a small peak overlooking Hoffellsjökull.

Snaking its way down between two mountains from the ice cap Vatnajökull, it’s easy to underestimate the size of the outlet glacier. Though once your eyes get used to the vast white surrounding you, you can spot the extent of bright blue ice peeking out beneath patches of snow.

Hoffellsjökull | andthenshe.co.uk Hoffellsjökull | andthenshe.co.uk

Climate change

Despite thinking the glacier was pretty big, we learnt Hoffellsjökull has receded by four times the original size over the last 100 years, due to climate change.

When the glacier was at its largest, lorries were able drive up alongside it to collect ice for the local town. When indicated where the Hoffellsjökull used to reach, and seeing where it reaches now, I felt a bit sad knowing a large part of the landscape will be gone one day. Most likely replaced by a large lake as it melts.

As we trundled away in the mini bus I felt a lot more aware of how our behaviour effects the environment around us. An eye opening 20 minutes.

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