Plates by AR Ceramics

AR Ceramics | Kimberley Chan | AR Ceramics | Kimberley Chan |

I’m obsessed with handmade ceramics right now. I’ve been following lots of potters on Instagram and watching endless throwing videos on YouTube. I even started a beginner’s ceramics course last weekend (It’s really fun, more about that later).

Because of my newly discovered hobby, I popped by the Turning Earth studio sale a few weeks ago. It’s an open-access pottery studio under the railway arches in Hoxton, opening up to the public occasionally to give members a chance to sell their work. After umming and ahing over a lot of beautiful pieces, I decided to go home with two gorgeous handmade plates by Andrea Roman, the designer behind AR Ceramics. I just love the back details of these plates. The marbled clay in particular is beautiful!

You can buy pieces AR Ceramics online, but Andrea also takes commissions if you’re looking for something in particular. Visit to see more of her work!

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