5 Places to visit in Reykjavik

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I love Reykjavik! When it’s not covered in snow it’s super colourful and oozing with character. The air feels so fresh, it cleansed all the London smog out of my lungs after a few breaths. It’s also surprisingly small for such a cosmopolitan city, making it easy to see everything on foot.

The weather was all over the place during our day exploring, which explains the Icelandic saying: “If you don’t like the weather, just wait 5 minutes”. But despite having to take refuge from multiple blizzards throughout the day, I fell in love. Here are 5 places to visit if you’re in Reykjavik:

Reykjavik | andthenshe.co.uk Reykjavik | andthenshe.co.uk

Reykjavik Roasters

If you’re into your coffee, then this is the place for you. It has a cosy atmosphere, decorated with odd bits of furniture and they roast their own beans on site. It’s also a great place to take a break from sight seeing as it’s right across the road from Hallgrímskirkja.

Kárastígur 1, Reykjavík, Iceland

Reykjavik | andthenshe.co.uk Reykjavik | andthenshe.co.uk

Kaffihús Vesturbæjar

Kaffihús Vesturbæjar is a relatively new cafe and was recommend by our AirBNB hosts. It’s not in the city centre but it doesn’t take long to walk to the main strip in Reykjavik. We headed there for brunch and I had the tastiest cauliflower soup with a side of cheese, kale, and truffle oil toast.

Melhaga 20-22, Reykjavík, Iceland

Micro Bar – andthenshe.co.uk

Micro Bar

If you’re into beers and ales, it might be worth visiting Micro Bar. It has a large variety of Icelandic microbrews on tap which you can pick a selection of to try. The atmosphere isn’t the most lively, but you’re there for the beers!

Austurstræti 6, Reykjavík, Iceland

Forrettabarinn – andthenshe.co.uk


Forrettabarinn is by the Old Harbour and was good value for money in comparison to other restaurants in the city. It has a pretty laid back vibe which means you can just pop in for a more casual dinner. The smoked duck breast and beetroot salad was delicious.

Nýlendugata 14, 101 Reykjavík, Iceland

Reykjavik | andthenshe.co.uk Reykjavik | andthenshe.co.uk


Harpa is a concert hall and conference centre, but also a great piece of architecture. Geometric glass panels cover the exterior of the building which also light up at night. We didn’t think ahead but you should definitely try and book tickets to an event if you can. We arrived during a jazz concert which sounded ace.

Austurbakki 2, 101 Reykjavík, Iceland

If you’re looking into other things to do whilst you’re in visiting, definitely check out Reykjavik Grapevine. It’s the equivalent of Timeout in the UK, so you should find some interesting stuff.

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