Blue Lagoon, Iceland

Blue Lagoon Blue Lagoon Blue Lagoon Blue Lagoon Blue Lagoon

At the beginning of March myself and Will finally put on our thermals, hopped on a flight to Iceland, and spent six days visiting the most amazing landscapes. After umming and ahhing for ages about going, I decided we couldn’t keep saying we were going to visit any longer, booked our trip and spent the next 3 months getting super hyped.

The Blue Lagoon was our first stop after arriving and what a surreal experience! I would have loved to have got more pictures but standing outside wearing next to nothing in -2°C is beyond chilly. In my case it was run outside, snap snap snap, run back inside to put my camera back in my locker, run back outside and submerge myself immediately into the 38°C water.

We spent a good amount of time floating about with free silica mud masks that they have dotted about in wooden crates, and experienced it being lovely and sunny as well as dark and stormy which was amazing to see – especially when the sun starts to go down and the steam makes it seem very mystical.

Holland Park

kimberley-chan_150413_hollandpark_01 kimberley-chan_150413_hollandpark_02 kimberley-chan_150413_hollandpark_03 kimberley-chan_150413_hollandpark_04 kimberley-chan_150413_hollandpark_05 kimberley-chan_150413_hollandpark_06

I’ve noticed I’ve picked up a bad habit of not venturing out of East London on weekends when I have no plans. As much as I like it over here, you can’t beat walking around West London especially when it’s sunny. Me and Will wandered around Holland Park and the Kyoto Garden in the sunshine, grabbed some fish and chips from a local pub and after some further wandering, ended up discovering Billionaires Row. Now that is a whole nother level of West London wealth.